My Electric Radiators owned and run by My Eco Stores have ruffled a few feathers over recent months with their unparalleled performance electric radiators and competitive pricing structure. Since their launch only earlier this year their designer electric radiators have been flying out the door, providing many households and businesses with greater controllability to their central heating systems whilst also benefiting from saving money on their energy bills.

Wondering how to save money on your energy bills?

As we are all too familiar with the constant fluctuation in gas prices, many have been searching high and low for a solution. Over recent times we have seen a dramatic increase in clean technologies such as wind energy and solar power generation with there being a huge emphasis pointing away from gas as a source of energy. Electric radiators are the future of heating. Now before you imagine a dated traditional oil electric radiator costing large sums to run, cancel that thought. New technologies have brought about models such as the Slimpro energy efficient electric radiator and the iSkinny which are rivalling traditional gas central heating systems. These eco electric radiators have highly accurate thermostats to within a fraction of a degree, built in 24 hour programming and other patented technologies.

Replacing storage heaters

Storage heaters are filled with bricks and incredibly were designed in WW2, they are bulky, unattractive and usually make a clunking noise. If you have these electric heaters installed you will only be to aware of the inconvenience they can bring. Unfortunately once you have the heat stored you simply cannot stop it from coming out. Conversely they almost always seem to run out of heat especially in the evening when you need it the most. The heat produced by a storage heater is where the air is physically burnt with usual blackening on your walls from carbon deposits. This is immensely hazards especially to the many asthma suffers out there.

Advanced electric radiators are a groundbreaking new alternative for heating desired spaces. Whether that be for throughout your home, conservatory, loft conversion, garage, outbuildings or stables the possibilities are endless. The fantastic advantage to these units is that they are entirely pipeless! So no costly plumbing fees!

If perhaps you are considering upgrading to more efficient designer electric radiators or simply would like to know more you are warmly invited to contact My Eco Stores on 01423 881167 alternatively send them an email at whereby one of their heating experts can assist you with your project and inform you on the various options and solutions.
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