Professional beauty therapists perform a range of treatments, one of which is the popular facial treatment. These skills can be acquired through training at beauty therapy courses in Birmingham or other centres at the Carlton Institute. Below are three fundamental procedures to help achieve gorgeous facial skin.

1. Healthy daily routine

Regularly cleansing, toning and moisturising remains the quintessential daily routine that will help you to have flawless, clear skin. Using a cotton wool bud, applying rose water to the skin will help the skin to feel fresh almost immediately. To reduce the risk of pimples breaking out, it's recommended to cleanse your face twice a day, follow this up with a toner and moisturiser to complete the freshness on your skin and return the glow to your face.

2. Healthy weekly and monthly routines.

In addition to daily routines as described above, there are other procedures you can do on a weekly and monthly basis. If possible, Exfoliate and use a mask once a week. Having a monthly facial in which your skin is deeply cleansed will significantly improve your skin tone and complexion.

3. Knowing your skin type.

Choose the right products for your skin type to aid health and enhance your beauty. Products with natural ingredients will always be best as they will have a lower amount of chemicals which can react to your skin. For those with a dry skin type, they can use Avacado as the vegetable oil it contains will penetrate deep into the skin. It also contains potassium which helps to make the skin look fresh.

For those with Oily skin, ylang ylang and tea tree are good essential oils to use, certainly look out for these ingredients when next shopping for skin care products.   

To learn more advanced facial techniques to professional level, sign up to one of our elite NVQ beauty courses in Windsor or a beauty course in Stockport. With these intensive beauty courses, in just three months you can achieve accredited and internationally recognised qualifications, enabling you to work as a specialist. With a 90% employment rate for this course, it is the fastest way to begin your journey to having a successful career. Register with us today!

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