The best way for small business owners to expand and get more leads or sales is by creating a website. A website would be like their product or services showcase to an audience larger than the small community they serve. It is here where people outside their geo targeted area can learn about  and their products/services. Below are five ways to make effective their website.

  • Identify Your Market

When we begin with website design, we take the customer in mind. Many websites forget this and create websites just as a business profile. Thinking about the end user and what they would like on the website, how their goods or services could help them with their problems or queries and how a websites design can assist in this.

  • Keep it Simple

Having a lot of flashy images, graphics and complex features distracts a user. At Pom Design we help small businesses keep their affordable web design simple and minimal, allowing your customers to find relevant information about you quickly and comfortably.

  • Call to Action

Clear call to actions on landing pages is a must. Clear phone number, contact form in the right places are a few ways to make sure the visitors to the website will convert into actual leads & sales.

  • Make it Responsive

With an increasing number of smart phones in the market, having a website mobile and tablet friendly is something one should not ignore. Studying the target audience would be the first step. Using website stats to see the amount of mobile users on the site and making a website responsive.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

Just having a website will not bring one business. Having it appear when people search in Google for the targeted keywords are most important. Having a sound search engine optimisation campaign for the local business websites will help maximise the ROI.

At Pom Design they specialise in creating websites for small businesses. Drop them a message and they will get back to you with a free web design quote.

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