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Now people can start to build and save their very own life experiences in digital form – a unique celebration of life, containing everything that’s molded a lifetimes worth of experiences:

Digital legacy and memory preservation has been discussed increasingly just recently:

Within a private, closed network for family and friends, users will be able to connect and view each other’s MyTime Space and add to memories that they are tagged in. Memories can consist of uploaded video, photographs and text, preserving moments and stories that have punctuated their life. Importantly, the ownership of all images, except the profile picture, will remain with the MyTime account holder.

Worlds apart from Facebook’s legacy settings, MyTime puts people in control of how their story will be told and how they’ll be remembered for generations to come.

Developed over the past three years, the mobile optimized site encompasses every aspect of life including recording important memories and events, uploading stories about family members past and present, detailing important friendships, the ability to make ‘on the fly’ journal entries and leave a lifetime’s worth of advice (from recipes and ‘how-to do things’ to advice on life itself). MyTime users will also be able to write their life story and record important aspects of their life such as who’s inspired them, what their greatest achievements are, where their important information is kept etc.

MyTime users can also leave secure last messages for their friends and family or just record and send special video messages for important dates now or in the future – a wedding, birthday or future special date.

Philip Rogerson, the CEO of MyTime to say, said “We are giving people the ability to build and store a portrait of their life that can then be shared within a secure and private network and cherished by future generations. MyTime links the past and future with the present; a space that MyTime can truly occupy, unlike many social media sites who cater for the present moment. We believe that every person’s life is unique and should be celebrated.”

Philip has close links with Alzheimer’s Research UK and developed the service with the problem of dementia in mind; a proven technique to slow the onset of dementia is to be able to talk to the patient about their life and discuss the important episodes in their life, keeping their memories at the fore-front of their mind.

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Born in Manchester and living in Cheshire, Phil owns a successful multi-channel marketing agency, he’s on the board of Manchester Chamber of Commerce, and he climbed Kilimanjaro to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK and is father to four children.


What inspired me to create MyTime to say?

Four years ago I lost my Mum, suddenly, with no warning. The day she died, so did many many things. I became aware that not only had I lost her stories and history, but in turn mine too. All her stories of her childhood, her mother and father, her brother, her history, all her stories of me when I was too young to remember had died with her.

There was now nobody to ask about my childhood, what was I like through a mother’s eyes? What had she remembered of me as a child? Yes, of course, my Dad was still able to fill in some of the blanks but the loss of a large portion of my history was immense.

Two years later I formed the concept of MyTime to say– somewhere that people can leave their legacy; memories, advice, stories of their family, their achievements and experiences for their future generations so that it could then become their story.

Everybody’s life is unique, everybody is amazing, and we all have our own incredible story that needs to be told so that we can leave our own indelible legacy on the world. My Mum and I had the chance to say everything we needed to before she died but many people are left with gaping holes for the rest of their lives.

Now they don’t have to.

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