February 2013 - Trying to gain sponsorship in a sport such as equestrianism is traditionally an extremely difficult task; only the best riders are chosen to represent a brand, and those just starting out or competing at lower levels can struggle to get the support and exposure which they need. However, a new sponsorship programme by Animalife aims to change all of this. The Warwickshire-based company, which specialises in the manufacturing of  equine supplements, is this week launching its new platform which focuses upon inclusion and benefits for all.

Every rider, from those who compete in national events to those working at grassroots level, can apply to be a Team Animalife Sponsored Rider. Once accepted on to the scheme, the riders are entitled to a number of great benefits. These include exclusive Animalife merchandise for the rider and their horse, as well as a variety of special bonuses and generous discounts on Animalife’s own products. The company aims to offer each Sponsored Rider a bespoke sponsorship programme, meaning that the amount of benefits they receive will grow with them as they progress in their riding career.

The programme will work in conjunction with the new loyalty scheme which the company is also launching. To show their appreciation to all of their valued customers, Animalife are offering ‘LifePoints’ which can then be used to receive money off purchases. Unlike a lot of loyalty schemes which only give you points for buying products, LifePoints can be earned by Animalife customers in a number of ways. As well as receiving one point for every £1 spent, people can also earn them by interacting with the company on social media sites. Clicking ‘like’ on Animalife’s products on Facebook will earn customers points, as will writing reviews. Sharing the word and recommending Animalife to family and friends is another way to gain the valuable points. The LifePoints scheme is open to all customers, but Team Animalife Sponsored Riders will receive even more opportunities to earn points.

Both programmes are due to the launch this week.


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