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GaragePride announces a UK first with the launch of their motorised shelving, MOTOSTOR™. A remotely controlled electric motor raises shelves above head height for safer storage and to make maximum use of higher walls.

Aimed specifically at residential garages, but with safety benefits in businesses too, MOTOSTOR™ provides storage at higher levels on walls without the need for ladders, stretching and overhead lifting.

Conventional garage shelving requires arms-length lifting, or the use of a step ladder, to make use of the top shelves risking strain and injury. Conventional shelves also take up garage floor space and can topple if not securely fixed to the wall. MOTOSTOR™ lifts garage items smoothly and safely up to the ceiling making room for a car or clearing floor space for a cleaner, tidier appearance.

GaragePride's managing director Ken Evans said "We're very excited about MOTOSTOR™. It's a unique product in the UK and I think there are many benefits, not only in residential garages that have higher ceilings, but also in businesses for the safer storage of stock or heavy stationery leaving more space for walkways or cupboard storage beneath".

MOTOSTOR™ is secured to walls using basic DIY skills. The shelves can raise an evenly distributed load of 75kg. Remote controls can be paired to individual shelf units allowing several units to be positioned in a single area. MOTOSTOR™ is priced at £399 including VAT and delivery to the UK mainland.

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