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Blockchain-powered platform Bywire News is delighted to announce the launch of its brand-new website. The new platform will be fast, streamlined and will give users access to the best independent news journalism on the market.

Bywire's distinct offering should ensure unbiased news coverage from a wide range of outstanding alternative news publishers. 

Independent journalism has grown rapidly in recent years. Mainstream media is in crisis. Ownership is increasingly concentrated in the hands of corporations and even the BBC is cancelling shows which are critical of the government. Rupert Murdoch and Andrew Neil are competing to bring Fox News-style content to the UK, and the Society of Editors has found itself branded racist. 

Proper journalism is in crisis. Small wonder that public trust in the media has sunk to record lows. The need for an independent, transparent and unbiased media, free from government or corporate control has never been stronger. 

Speaking about the new website, Bywire's editor-in-chief Michael O'Sullivan said: "We're excited to mark a new chapter in Bywire's story with this website. We've created a platform which can give independent news and daily news outlets a voice to challenge the output from the mainstream media.

"The future of news is independent news, many agree that traditional media has too much influence over political outcomes in the UK and around the world."

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