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London, UK:, a buying guide website geared towards people looking for gifts for their partners, has launched using a new, custom Content Management System (CMS) called ProMon. The professionally developed CMS is lightweight, designed from the ground up for SEO benefits, and integrates Amazon’s API. is a buyers’ guide website aimed at couples. It includes regularly updated guides on the best gifts to buy partners, and will be regularly updated with new and unique guides. The content is unique and it pulls product specific information straight from Amazon, giving accurate and up-to-date pricing information for the products that are reviewed.

Developers of the site were disappointed with existing CMS options with most based on Wordpress or geared toward use with Google’s advertising products. Many were deemed slow or bloated and were not set up for simple integration with Amazon.

ProMon is a custom Content Management System that was designed to combat these problems.

  • It is based on Laravel and was designed to be quick and easy to install.
  • It is lightweight, with minimal code, which means that sites using ProMon load quickly, which is considered an important user experience and SEO factor for websites.
  • Minimal code means fewer coding errors and plugin conflictions.
  • It doesn’t rely on plugins, which means fewer update errors and less ongoing system management for website owners.
  • It also integrates directly with Amazon’s API so pulls product information, including descriptions, images, and the latest prices, directly from Amazon’s site.

Robert Jones, owner of Couples Corner said “ProMon enables me to quickly add guides and takes information straight from Amazon so I don’t need to update with new prices or extra information. It makes the addition of new guides a really simple process and is perfect for any buyer guide and content-based websites that are monetised through Amazon’s Associate program.”

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