"Pennies are tight for many people and the economy is in a mess. Times like this are so challenging they change consumer habits for good. The severity of this recession, plus the green revolution, adds up to culture-changing stuff. The zeitgeist is all about efficiency. Saving money and resources, not wasting them."

So says discount code expert Daisy Bell, who has noticed a boom in cash cutting with more of us getting aboard the money saving bandwagon every day. And she believes once you're on it, it's very hard to climb back off. 

"Get in the habit of tracking down deals and bargains, cutting out the impulse buys, looking after the stuff you've already got better and recycling all the leftovers and you soon realise how wasteful you were before. It feels so good to get your spending in order you won't want to go back to the bad old days."

Apparently, for most of us just taking a conscious look at the way we spend – or fritter - our cash for the first time reveals plenty of areas ripe for slashing everyday expenditure. You can drive consciously and save a load of petrol. Walk more. Eat differently... and better repair gadgets. Make your own booze. Recycle. Get creative with making things. Discover literally thousands of excellent money saving tips online. Collaborate with friends, family, neighbours and your community for the common good. Use discount codes and special offers to their best advantage. Shop Less. Buy wisely. Make do and mend. Cut back a little on extravagances and have more low cost fun. The list is endless. 

"As revolutions go, it's quiet but powerful" concludes Bell. "Cutting costs is far from dull. It's fun. It makes you feel good. You end up richer, with more to spend on the things you actually need. And with a bit of luck, give it a few months' practice and you might even be able to salt spare money away against a rainy day." When not so long ago you were right on the edge of financial disaster." is one of the UK's fastest growing discount codes website helping you save even more money from hundreds of the nations favourite brands such as Big Green Smile, Envirofone, USwitch and many, many more...


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