Responding to NHS performance figures for June 2017, Country Manager at ExorLive, Colin Davies said “We believe that the time has come for a mind shift for all of us to assist in helping reduce waiting lists now and in the future. One way of doing this is to have a larger emphasis on preventive measures and good rehabilitation. None of us really want to end up on a 4 million people waiting list.”

ExorLive would very much like to be a part of such a national mind shift and will therefore offer free access until Summer 2018 to all health professionals creating exercise programmes or rehabilitation plans for others. If you are a patient you just ask for ExorLive. This means that hospitals, clinics, gyms and the public can start a good internal process to facilitate budgets savings in the future, and the rest of us decrease the risk of ending up on a waiting list.

Integrating exercise and movement into patient care will enable health professionals to provide more comprehensive treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of other MSK related conditions. Movement and exercise can greatly impact people's health-related quality of life and overall well being. This is not only the responsibility of the healthcare profession, but all of us.

“Savings in the NHS budget will have to be made through proactive changes, such as preventive measures, earlier diagnosis, and more effective and integrated intervention, within each programme” said Colin Davies.

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