London, United Kingdom. January 2013 – A new product purported to aid car connoisseurs in getting the perfect wash; scratch shield prevents particles of debris from acting as abrasives and causing swirl marks and scratches.

Among car connoisseurs, the scratch shield is the next big thing; it prevents grime and grit from causing swirl marks and scratches on vehicles during a wash. Previously, luxury car owners have resorted to extreme measures such as Car Dosh, the £10,000 car wash, to get an immaculate wash.

A scratch shield is simply placed in the bottom of the wash bucket preceding a car wash, which will then cause all dirt and grime to fall to the base of the bucket while the shield acts as a filter and prevents particles of debris from attaching to the sponge or towel that is used on the vehicle.

According to Scratch Shield CEO, all of the company's products are designed, manufactured and packaged in the United Kingdom, and they are proud to be able to bring more jobs to the local community. He states “the patent pending Scratch Shield product we are introducing to the UK market has grabbed a lot of attention from industry retailers, something we are very proud of.”

Scratch shields can be purchased in automotive retailers across the United Kingdom and come in one size, which can be modified to fit almost any bucket. After its January 2012 release, many professional car washes are already touting the product as phenomenal and as an innovative approach to a long-time problem, with most professionals opting for the two or three or three bucket system – wash, rinse and wheels.


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