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VALLETTA, MALTA: NoID Solutions Ltd has today announced a strategic partnership with UK-based qWallets Ltd. The new collaboration will enable users of qWallets' suite of application and learning products to benefit from NoID's secure, private messaging and authentication API (application programming interface) solution.

Signing the agreement in Valletta Malta, Rory Stewart, CEO of qWallets Ltd, said that the integration will allow clients to access the validated and accredited information within their electronic wallet app in complete privacy.

Maria Sapinska-Strojek, CEO of NoID Solutions Ltd, added that the new tie-in will also let clients freely look at and discuss this data with other parties using a fully secure communications channel.

The integration, which is currently at the design phase, enables the user to control who has access to the information. Only the sender and receiver(s) of the data or messages will be privy to that content because it is encrypted end to end from device to device.

Therefore, in the unlikely event of loss or hacking, the original content will remain private to both parties.

Before the first communication both parties must authenticate with each other to establish a trusted relationship between the apps they use. Using NoID's technology, the simple authentication process does not require any account codes, passwords or personal information.

The authentication creates a secure encrypted channel between the apps, allowing users to communicate privately. Because there is no public identification required, such as an email address or phone number, any spam, phishing, viruses, trolling or abuse is eliminated.

Either party can end the communication at any time.

Maria Sapinska-Strojek, CEO of NoID Solutions Ltd, said: "Whatever the use case, we take the incoming data, encrypt it on the device into a block of random data and deliver it to the recipient device, where it is returned to its original format. qWallets will be the first customer of our API-based B2B solution aimed at those who want private and secure communication for authenticated parties integrated with their products and services.

"We are currently in talks with companies representing consulting, financial and healthcare industries to use our solution for their internal communication."

Rory Stewart, CEO of qWallets Ltd, said: "End users will have the ability to both use secure wallets to access their validated and accredited information and have a fully secured communications service to discuss this information with others."

qWallets Ltd's blockchain-enabled apps provide information integrity for users. A prime example is the GIVE App, a financial literacy and compassion training solution for children, which holds validated personal information required for children’s education.

The integration with NoID Ltd will add an additional layer of security for the protection of this highly private and confidential data, giving users complete peace of mind.

NOTE FOR EDITORS: For more information contact Maria Sapinska-Strojek on or Rory Stewart on +44 (0) 333 577 2279 or

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Registered in Malta, NoID Solutions Ltd is a provider of private and secure communication technology. The company has applied privacy and security by design principles to email to ensure communication free of spam, phishing and viruses. Its 15-strong international team has more than 100 years combined experience in application development, legal, banking, sales, business development, operations, support and quality assurance.

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qWallets Ltd is an Edinburgh-based boutique emerging technology solution provider with a focus on secure and instant validation of qualifications, certifications and awards. Supported by its team of consultants, the company enables businesses and individuals to securely share their credentials with other parties such as employers, recruiters and government agencies.

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