Currently, the standard approach to plastic waste is disposal rather than to recycling, so the removal of China as a disposal solution could have potentially catastrophic consequences for the global environment. As a result of mass disposal, a recent study showed 83% of drinking water tested around the world contained plastic particles. 

The non-profit organisation, aptly named 'unWANTEDplastics' is looking to leverage the crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and Indigogo, to build a recycling station which will utilise a revolutionary new way of turning unwanted contaminated plastics into usable lengths. 

According to the 'Ellen MacArthur Foundation' report launched at the World Economic Forum, only 5% of plastic waste is currently recycled whilst 40% is dumped in landfill sites, causing significant damage and contamination to delicate eco systems. Plastics dumped into oceans are also digested by fish and end up in the human food chain, causing serious health concerns.

Founder of unWANTEDplastics.com, Khalid Khames commented: “China's ban on importing waste plastics, starting this month, has caused a catastrophic build-up of waste plastic across the world, including here in the UK, the USA and other places across Europe too. For decades China has provided a means of disposing plastics on a huge scale, however the immediate ban now means plastic waste is getting out of control.”

“If plastic disposal continues at the current rate, it's expected there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish! So we've devised a revolutionary approach to effectively and efficiently recycle contaminated waste plastic into usable lengths of clean plastic, ready to be reused over and over. We're excited to be announcing two crowdfunding campaigns to offer everybody the opportunity to get behind this incredible cause.”

The crowdfunding campaign can be viewed at https://igg.me/at/SvFp2JS4ACI

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