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Nonpareil Associates, a full-service customer acquisitions agency based in Nottingham, have multiple teams of self-starters who really enjoy the culture of motivation and inspiration. Each morning, individuals turn up to work with their heads screwed on ready for the morning meeting that will inspire them for the day ahead. But what's in motivation? Nonpareil Associates investigated the factors that lead to excellent team motivation and that encourages individuals to achieve results.

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"Every single day, our entrepreneurs turn up ready to inspire and be inspired. It's a great, fun and fast-paced environment and by far the best part of the morning is the daily morning meeting," stated Mr Ed Bruzas, managing director at the company. "Whoever gives the morning meeting has the job of inspiring their fellow colleagues with stories and anecdotes for the day. Usually, they keep the themes hard-hitting and sometimes emotional, and the team comes away feeling ready to produce results," he added.

Nonpareil Associates understands that this can't be the only factor in motivating their individuals. It actually comes down to a little more than that, especially when you factor it into a more extended period of time. Here's are some motivating factors in different personality types.


When you're in control, you feel great. The excitement of winning beats the feeling of losing and this can be used as a motivating factor. Having the desire to have control of actions and outcomes that motivates certain individuals.


Being aligned in such a way that results becomes a motivating factor means that motivation can come in the means of resolving differences to get people to steer toward a common goal. It can also mean stopping at nothing to achieve a result.


This is where you're validated through external sources. There are possibilities you would even change the way you do things to get the job done and find the praise you are looking for. Usually, you would see this trait in newcomers to the team.


Being motivated through this means taking less risk and focusing more on trust in relationships. This motivating factor looks at the longer picture, rather than a quick fix in achieving goals. Experience usually plays a part and is seen more commonly in older professionals.

Overall, there seems to be no one motivating factor that would lead every individual to performing for the desired results. People are different, and Nonpareil Associates accepts and understands that. That's why the business development program has been set in place to develop each person individually, focusing on the factors that work best for them. So far, the company has seen massive growth because of the program and has agreed upon expansion plans throughout 2020 with its clients.

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