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The firm's managing director Simon Reynolds has made a commitment to constant education, believing this will lay the foundations for his success in sales and marketing. He recently stated:

“The sales and marketing industry is so dynamic that consistent education on new trends is essential for any forward thinking firm.”

About Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions:

This quote firmly outlines his commitment to educating both himself and the firm, a mantra is firmly supported by the companies’ recent escapades. 2017 has already taken him to South Africa where he attended the VIP national sales and marketing gala, and later this year he will take a handful of his young professionals to Australia to meet with the countries best sales entrepreneurs.

In preparation for their trip to Australia, Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions took a select group of their contractors to London, hoping they can learn about upcoming trends, new tools and emerging strategies for achieving greater success in sales and marketing. These frequent travel opportunities lie at the heart of the firms business development programme uses travel opportunities both as a reward but also an opportunity for their contractors to learn new perspectives on the industry.

The event was hosted in the London Hilton Bankside and attendees were treated to guest talks and Q&As on leadership, business management and recruitment. Simon Reynolds, the managing director hopes this weekend excursion acted as the perfect preparation for their international affair later this year, and provided his team with a plethora of new strategies to use in the sales and marketing industry.

Moving forward, Mr Reynolds is confident his commitment to education will create a well-rounded workforce that will allow the firm to grow moving into the final quarter of 2017.

About the firm

Norfolk and Suffolk are an enthusiastic event-based marketing company working exclusively on behalf of some of the UK's biggest brands. Their personal event based face-to-face approach allows the firm to meet with potential customers directly and build long lasting relationships between clients and customer.



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