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After a great 2017, sales and marketing agency Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions has been reviewing its success. The firm has now launched an investigation into the importance of having a growth mindset, and the role this has played in developing the business. 

About the firm:

Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions is a sales and event marketing firm that offer brands their services to provide cost-effective and efficient marketing solutions. The business uses in-person marketing methods so they can deliver a personalised customer buying experience, which is sought after by consumers today. The company believes that this face-to-face approach is much better at building and maintaining relationships between a brand and their consumers.  

The company operates business activities in the fast-paced and competitive sales and marketing industry and believe success will only happen to people with a ‘can do mindset’. This type of mindset applies to any industry; if an individual wants to excel, then they will need to overcome different adversity and having a growth mindset is the best way to do this. Driving the success of Norfolk and Suffolk Promotion's workforce is the possession of this growth mindset. The company has a ‘glass half full’ mentality, a culture of collaboration and fun and inclusive work environment all to help the company to find huge success and stand out from the crowd. 

Taken from the Robert Kiyosaki self-development book, ‘rich dad, poor dad’, Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions believe that there is a stark difference between a growth and a fixed mindset. Characteristics of a growth mindset include individuals believing that failure is ‘an opportunity to grow’ and that challenges will help a person grow personally and professionally. People will a growth mindset will see feedback as constructive and will be inspired by the success of others. Personal characteristics can be cultivated through a growth mindset. Whereas people with a fixed mindset believe that qualities, intelligence and character are what a person is born with and are unchangeable.  

Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions states that the traits of a growth mindset are vital in the sales and marketing industry; only those with a willingness to learn, who are accountable and take on challenges will be successful.   

A recent study by Manchester Metropolitan University found that successful business leaders all display the characteristics of a growth mindset and Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions states how this research supports the firm’s commitment to seeking out people who possess a growth mindset. The firm teaches their contractors about the importance of having a growth mindset and often run workshops to reinforce what it takes to shape a successful mind.  


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