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Based in Norwich, Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions is a sales and event marketing company that offer brands face to face marketing solutions which are guaranteed to generate any business an impressive ROI. By creating engaging pop-up marketing campaigns on behalf of clients, the company interacts with customers to build long-lasting consumer bases and a stronger brand image for all clients. Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions has made 2017 a year of expanding horizons, offering its contractors opportunities to join the firm on many exciting trips across the world. Millennials are naturally curious, so it makes sense that a majority want to venture out and see and experience the world in a different way to previous generations. In fact, the diversity of the kinds of adventures that millennials take has been reported to have jumped. Millennials have been booking trips that move away from stereotypical beach holidays into more serious international travels seeking more meaningful, off-the-radar experiences.

About Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions:

Millennial travellers differ from previous generations. In fact, millennials took an average of 2.38 vacations in 2016 compared with generation X who averaged 1.80, while baby boomers averaged 1.65. It has been noted that millennials will travel from a variety of reasons, not just to relax, but to chase new experiences and challenges and to connect with others and expand their networks.

The firm offers regular opportunities to travel to its workforce, believing that offering such perks are a good way to unlock the true potential of every individual. These opportunities drive performance and create a workforce capable of working together as a unit towards a goal; one of the most efficient ways for any business to succeed in meeting objectives. The firm wants to help young professionals experience new things and other cultures in life, after all a wealth of experience can aid future entrepreneurs to find new ventures. Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions hopes that these experiences will build its contractors into more well-rounded characters; making them better communicators, more confident and better able to tackle anything.


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