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Embarking on his entrepreneurial journey managing director of Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions Simon Reynolds was sure he wanted to avoid the mundane 9 to 5 professional life. Watching friends and colleagues become consumed by day to day duties, he observed the lack of progression opportunities and stifling structure and instead decided on developing a career in business. Matching his competitive nature and outgoing personality Simon Reynolds decided a career in sales and marketing would suit him best. He set to work on developing personally and professionally until he could establish his marketing agency Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions.

About Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions:

Based in Norwich, Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions is a revolutionary sales and event marketing agency that offers brands practical, face-to-face marketing solutions. The company create and implement pop-up marketing campaigns on behalf of their clients' brands, meeting in person with consumers, allowing the firm to deliver a highly personalised customer experience and for meaningful and constructive relationships between brand and consumer. The company stated that success in the fast-paced, creative sales and marketing industry requires a ‘can do' mindset.

Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions share their top three reasons why they promote ditching the 9 to 5 job:

  • Limited job security: back in the day, a 9 to 5 job offered security to families, however with technological advances and the internet, businesses are constantly on the lookout to streamline workforces and become more efficient. Those in charge of their destiny will take control of their future, understanding their skill set and creating opportunities for a sustainable future.
  • Stress is awful for your body: one of the main contributing factors to poor health in modern society is stress. Placing the body in fight or flight mode for prolonged periods of time creates an imbalance of natural chemicals in the brain and can lead to serious illnesses and life decisions. Following a career in an industry or cause that offers high satisfaction is critical to reducing workplace stress.
  • A 9 to 5 will never make you rich: working as an employee will always leave you financially worse off than the business owner or a creator. By finding a niche in the market, entrepreneurs can maximise their earning potential and for those who wish to live a super wealthy life, reach their goals.


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