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With so many ways to reach customers available to businesses these days, it can be hard for a new enterprise to plan and execute the right marketing mix. While the right approach depends a lot on the product and the target market, just about every business considers some form of digital marketing to be a vital component. Video marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of marketing available, and is yielding a lot of success for those who have begun to adopt it. Here, marketing experts North Star Acquisitions explain why they recommend video marketing to many of their clients:

Video marketing has the highest click through rate of any form of online marketing at present, with video advertising currently delivering a click through rate of 1.84%. What this means in real terms is that people are more likely to visit your site when they receive your marketing message in video form.

Video marketing is also seeing huge growth – in December 2013, over 35 billion video ads were watched, and over the course of 2013, video marketing was enjoying 100% average year on year growth. Business experts predict that the trend will continue and there will be a 19.5% annual growth rate through to 2016. When you compare this to other forms of marketing, TV advertising is predicted to decline by about 3% per year, and traditional online advertising is predicted to grow by 3%. After mobile, video advertising is expected to see the biggest growth in the industry, and of course, a lot of mobile advertising is also video based.

'We believe that anything that really puts you in front of your customers will help you yield results, and this is why we specialise in face to face marketing.' said Mohamed Ahmed, managing director at North Star Acquisitions. 'However, another approach that works very well in a marketing mix with face to face elements is video marketing, and it is clearly an area that is growing very rapidly. The companies who begin to adopt it now will be able to take advantage of the high click through rate and the ability to give out more meaningful and memorable messages.' he concluded.

North Star Acquisitions believe that the key to good marketing is applying approaches that complement each other well in the right mix, and that now is a great time to start leveraging the rise in video marketing as part of a wider strategy.

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