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Chicago based direct sales and marketing specialists, NRG Global are advocates of entrepreneurship, sharing a passion for helping aspiring professionals to progress their career. 

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Over the years, the firm has devised a strong business development program that is specifically designed to provide support to their young and aspiring entrepreneurs. NRG Global offer their contractors one-to-one mentoring sessions that are designed to help them bounce off ideas with industry veterans who will then help them to create individual development pathways. In addition to that, the firm offer regular workshops on motivations and on improving different skill sets, while also offering their contractors the opportunity to network with some of the best in the business. 

NRG Global have come up with a guide on becoming an entrepreneur:  

1.) Always have a willingness to listen and possess constructive skepticism 

Proper execution requires someone with the willingness to ask some hard questions. These questions, often arise out of a listener’s skepticism. This is where true entrepreneurs will standout: 

-   They will keep on asking questions to understand exactly what others are saying. 

-   They will be willing to put in the work and do plenty of background research. 

-   Their questions are often inspired by their drive to know more. 

2.) Just because you’re not happy being an employee doesn’t mean you’d make a good entrepreneur: 

Becoming a business owner is not plain sailing. Leaving the comfort of employment and starting out on your own in the business world is an incredibly tough decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You must have a strong understanding of your business and the market in order to ensure success. 

3.) Work harder, Work smart. 

Most people think that entrepreneurs are ridiculously hard workers that work 90-hour weeks. That might be partly true, but it's not feasible to expect to continue that amount of work for long periods of time without issues. 

However, a good entrepreneur will know that they’re not good at everything and will need help. It is crucial that they find the right people to do jobs that can be delegated. As well as finding the most value-adding activities in your work and invest more of your time here. 

4.) Build a good team. 

Entrepreneurs know they must grow in order to be successful, but they cannot reach their aims without the right people in place.  

“In order to be a successful entrepreneur, individuals need to understand their environment. What they want to achieve and to constantly be willing to learn. Those that believe they know it all and can do it on their own are often the ones that find themselves in a business that fails to grow or stops trading altogether. However, a good entrepreneur might start off this way but will use their failure as a learning curve. Here at NRG Global, we pride ourselves on bringing the best entrepreneurial talent; we also understand that sometimes individuals need a push in the right direction in order to reach their potential. Our tried and tested development structure has proven to create the very best leaders in the industry.” Stated Managing Director Rafael Grossi  

The firm's belief is that entrepreneurs need to possess a strong work ethic, the need to adopt a student mentality. They must be willing to constantly learn from their environment and those around them. 




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