London, United Kingdom – 2013, May – Dieting seems to be a favourite pastime of many people these days. In fact, according to a study conducted by Kevin Dorren, Founder of Diet Chef, approximately 90 percent of women in the U.K. have dieted at some point in their lives, and many of them will spend as much as 17 years of their lives existing on one diet or another.

New programmes like the 5:2 fast diet, the Atkins diet or the cabbage diet are introduced every year. Whilst they might offer a quick-fix to reducing one’s bulging belly, they may actually be detrimental to one’s health because these kinds of weight-reduction regimens often prohibit foods that are nutritious or they may limit food consumption in a way that promotes poor eating habits.

Robin Steagall, nutrition communications manager at the Calorie Control Council, explained, "Most individuals want cutting-edge solutions for weight loss, and fad diets offer, at least on the surface, ‘new’ ways to beat the boring mathematical reality of long-term weight loss." Unfortunately, 90 percent of those who bounce from diet to diet tend to gain back any weight that they manage to lose.

Victoria Wills, managing director of NuBeginnings, has lost more than 120lbs herself. She says, "The real solution to permanent weight loss is one that requires a lifelong commitment. During our programme, we stress that one must incorporate a combination of regular exercise, portion control, and healthy eating habits into their life to achieve success. We strive to help people change their views of food so that they have realistic expectations of themselves and what they are capable of."

NuBeginnings offers a boutique weight-loss retreat that focuses on the overall well-being of participants rather than just narrow view of weight control. Guests can choose between a luxurious stay at a quaint English manor in Devon or a stately French chateau in Razines, France. Each day, men and women at the retreat experience a routine that includes exercise, hypnotherapy, and a unique approach to nutrition that is designed to keep one healthy and fit.

The boutique retreat has been featured in numerous magazines and has also received worldwide attention for its revolutionary approach to weight loss. Several celebrities have been treated to a 5-star luxury stay, including sensational pop star, Alexandra Burke. During her stay, Alexandra enjoyed the unique mix of fitness training programmes, savoured scrumptious dinners prepared by the spa chef, and was rejuvenated during relaxing massages and hypnotherapy sessions.

When guests leave NuBeginnings, they are ready to continue on along the path of long-term health and wellness that was established at the retreat. Each participant loses an average of 10 pounds while participating in the programme, and this serves as a wonderful start to a healthier, happier life.

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