one:convo is a social citizen journalism online newspaper. The service was created to unite readers of alternative news together with aspiring bloggers & journalists under one roof where the editor is the global public.

It’s simple, stylish and social - finding the right audience to showcase your talents. one:convo is a exciting place for reading and writing.

How one:convo works

one:convo is the only newspaper where the editor is the global public. Readers of the website find the most popular articles of the day categorised by the topic and country (such as other news websites). The popularity of the articles is judged from the number of views or comments.

This process allows the highest quality articles to automatically feature most prominently and gives the authors the recognition they deserve. Images compliment your articles too.

Most importantly, one:convo is social and collaborative; comment on others articles, link to other websites and help create the news with your peers.

Bloggers and Journalists

A constant struggle with bloggers is how to gain traffic to their blogs, even when their work is of a high quality. Journalists are looking to showcase their skills yet are finding the exposure difficult.

"Our aim has been to create a community where journalists and bloggers can publish their articles to a large and active audience. one:convo can be used a tool to showcase their talent or drive new traffic to their existing blog." Nick Cooper, founder of one:convo comments "Additionally, the active debate on the website will provide the writers with feedback and alternative views".

This website provides a much easier platform that enables people to just sign up and post, rather than having to set up a new blog, design the page and generate traffic.

It is simple and stylish. Just sign up, with no need to set-up your blog or add plug-ins. Your articles will look great and your portfolio will automatically be updated.

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With the advent of micro-blogging websites, the public are now expectant of instant news reports. The increased social aspect of the Internet has also developed the public’s interest in interacting and debating with current affairs and opinions.

While micro-blogging websites have provided breaking news opinions, there is not a one-stop website to publish full breaking news articles with an active debating forum.

Visit for 100% user contributed, impartial news and opinions.

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