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Contemporary Artist Will McNally is the hottest new artist on the British art scene.

Self-taught Will McNally is the hottest new artist on the scene. His beautifully crafted work mixes hyper-realistic drawings with bright neon colours and captures the humouristic essence of pop culture perfectly.

Born and raised in the UK, McNally also has deep Irish and Cypriot roots, the influences of which can be seen in his playful, thought-provoking artwork.

McNally's distinctive and eye-catching style has captured the hearts of many, as his pieces pay homage to and critique the aesthetic values of contemporary culture allowing them to sit exquisitely in any home, whether it be contemporary or classical.

Catching the attention of international galleries and avid art collectors both sides of the Atlantic, the value of his work has risen sharply by an impressive 58.61 per cent in the past six months alone. And due to McNally's continued striking impact on the bustling New York art scene, this does not look like it will slow down any time soon.

McNally already has a 12-month waiting list for commissions and collectors include high-net-worth collectors, international galleries, professional footballers, music stars and noteworthy actors.

Recently Commissioned Works

  • Commission for Warner Brothers' Mortal Kombat film (releasing in 2021)
  • Commission for DECA Records & Universal Music Group Bespoke work for the widow of Luciano Pavarotti created using the tenors original master vinyls
  • Commissioned piece for the President of Universal Music Group Commissioned series for the Saudi Royalty.

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