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Aaron Lee, founder of Oxfordshire-based chemical procurement and distribution company, Alchem Trading Ltd, is celebrating one year since launching his own business.

With nearly 15 years of expertise in procuring and distributing chemical materials for the cosmetics industry and other sectors, Aaron embarked on a mission last year to redefine the approach to conducting business through the establishment of his own consultancy.

Driven by a vision to simplify chemical procurement, Aaron has transformed Alchem Trading into a leading player in the industry within just one year. Leveraging his expertise and industry insights, Aaron has secured significant contracts in chemical distribution, earning a reputation for reliability and transparency.

Reflecting on his first year, Aaron shared: "I started Alchem Trading with a singular goal: to make chemical procurement easy.  

“It's been a roller coaster, but amidst it all, the sense of business community has been profound. There are countless generous minds out there who've lent their support”

Aaron’s journey began with the successful procurement and delivery of his very first UK order, laying the foundation for a reputation as a reliable and efficient supplier.

Building on early success, Alchem Trading secured its first order within the EU, showcasing Aaron’s capability to operate and deliver seamlessly across borders.

"The milestone I’m most proud of hitting in our first year of business is securing our first order outside of the EU. It was a significant achievement that highlighted our ability to expand beyond local markets and establish a global presence,” said Aaron.

In addition to his business achievements, Aaron is committed to giving back to his community. He started an All Stars Cricket programme in Oxfordshire designed to ignite the passion for cricket among children aged five to eight years. This initiative not only fosters a love for the sport but also promotes physical activity and teamwork among young people.

"I believe in the importance of community and the role of businesses in supporting and nurturing future generations," Aaron stated. "The All Stars Cricket programme is a way for me to share my passion for cricket and contribute positively to our local community."

As Alchem Trading Ltd enters its second year, Aaron Lee looks forward to continuing the company’s growth trajectory, expanding its market presence, and further simplifying chemical procurement for businesses globally.

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