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With business increasingly becoming more digitally focused, the relationship between a brand and consumer has changed dramatically, thanks to the impact of social media. Roughly 95% of online adults aged 18-34 are following a brand via a social networking platform. As the bulk of interaction nowadays among consumers takes place on social media, it is becoming apparent that brands are beginning to start to overstay their welcome on customer Newsfeeds, claims First Phoenix Promotions.  

First Phoenix Promotions believe consumers are becoming put off by brands and their behaviour on social media. The general public is becoming disgruntled by intrusive and constant data capture online. It's becoming apparent that more and more consumers are disengaging with brands online due to the saturation of Newsfeeds. A study by Kantar TNS showed 40% of British consumers are choosing to actively ignore brand's social media activity (70,000 consumers were polled, 3,200 of whom were British).  

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There are a few brands that are getting their online activity right. However, the use of filters on platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram by brands such as Starbucks and McDonalds are proving to be popular with consumers as they are engaging, yet lack the intrusive nature of traditional data capturing methods.  

First Phoenix Promotions feel that it is vital that brands consider the impact of social media marketing. They should avoid being seen as power hungry and look like they are trying to “sell, sell sell” as modern consumers want to have a two-way conversation so brands should be careful not to alienate themselves. Engaging with the public as more than just potential consumers but connecting with them on a personal level is the way to gain results. Helping them achieve their goals by answering a query or pointing them in the right direction should be the focus, states First Phoenix Promotions.   

First Phoenix Promotions are now urging brands to implement successful marketing on social media in order to help them connect to their customers. The firm believes that businesses should incorporate their personality to their brand as it will allow them to gain valuable insight into their consumers without being overly intrusive.  

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