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The process of commercialising technology from universities and other research institutions, generally referred to as 'technology transfer', is carried out by specialised departments or dedicated sub units of organisations; whose mission is to nurture, protect and exploit new and early stage inventions to realise tangible benefits to the organisation.

In doing so, identifying a market for the transfer of technology is key in assessing the commercial impact, no easy task when the target market can often consist of companies in sectors which value privacy and secrecy in their research and development activity.

Today, technology transfer offices are changing their approach, preferring to 'get the technology out there', advertising their available opportunities on their own website and hoping someone comes along who's interested in a deal.

The database of technology licensing opportunities is a new platform, offering a searchable index of technology for transfer, aggregated from the marketing already undertaken by technology transfer offices around the world.

With no further effort required, an organisation can have their available technologies included in the Licensable Technology database at no cost, and immediately benefit from increased flow of interested parties.

Licensable Technology provides its users with regular statistics detailing click through rates on each of their technologies from the database, offering a measurable indicator of success rate.

The database currently hosts over 5000 technologies from over 50 research organisations world-wide.

About Licensable Technology
Licensable Technology founder, Dave Waddell spent eight years managing technology transfer and research systems at University of Edinburgh and subsequently founded a niche software company, specialising in analytical analysis of technology transfer data.

The launch of is an initiative to support and facilitate the process of making innovative technology available to industry, driving and connecting business with innovation, leading to productive deals and the advancement of technology in all areas of life.

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