The above data from w3techs is very compelling sign of the open source platform's popularity.

Known for being easy to use, highly functional and SEO friendly, WordPress has captured the attention of users all over the world. Over the years, it’s gone from being a simple blogging platform, to a powerful content management system, capable of running highly complex and high traffic websites.

One of the reasons WordPress is so popular with users is that it allows for extensive customisation. With knowledge of
HTML, CSS and maybe some PHP users can transform their standard WordPress sites into something truly unique and beautiful to the eye.

But what about users that don’t know how to code?

In the past, users would have to turn to professional web designers and developers if they wanted to create a highly functional, professional looking WordPress site but now their options are greater than ever before.

Thanks to Divi, a revolutionary theme created by the developers at Elegant Touch, WordPress users can now customise their sites to their heart’s content, without any knowledge of code whatsoever. If they don't have the time or desire to build their own website using Divi can radically improve development time and provide users with far more flexibility in terms of managing their websites.

Getting to know Divi

Divi was first released back in December 2013, after the developers at Elegant Themes decided to focus their efforts on a single powerful theme, rather than releasing a theme each month or so, as they had been doing prior to this.

The Divi theme proved to be worth the wait for Elegant Themes’ members, offering an easy to use drag and drop page builder, plenty of modules and the opportunity to customise all WordPress pages, without any need for code.

Over the months following its release, Divi grew and grew in popularity. The WPThemeDetector tool (which tracks the themes used by WordPress sites), reported that Divi went from being one of the top 100 themes in February 2014 to one of the top 25 by May 2014.

Today, 3.6% of the top 10K WordPress sites and 5% of all WordPress sites use Divi as their theme (according to Built With).

The release of Divi 2.4

Last month, Elegant Themes released their newest version of the theme, Divi 2.4, calling it ‘the biggest ever upgrade in Divi’s history’.

The revolutionary release comes with thousands of new module design settings, extensive theme customiser controls and all-new fluid grids, which allow users to gain control over every inch of their WordPress site’s appearance.

Using the Divi Library, users are able to create and save their own unique Divi Builder layouts and sections, which can be used across multiple pages. Divi 2.4 has new functionality in the form of allowing users to apply their layouts to all post types, meaning they can now create unique and attractive blog posts too.

This kind of technology is revolutionising web design and WordPress as a CMS platform” says David Bryan, Managing Director of Opace.

He continues “WordPress has always been a popular CMS but one of its limits for non web developers has always been customisation. In the past users would have to pay a developer to create a unique, professional-looking site but now they have the option to do it themselves with Divi. It's also made major advancements in terms of re-use and modular design. Until very recently we would have opted for platforms like Joomla which come with very powerful in-built modular design capabilities. WordPress started to offer similar features with the use of plugins and widgets but using Divi 2.4 creating, adding and re-using modules is easier than ever. It’s completely transformed the content management capabilities of WordPress, making it more accessible to end-users and even developers.”

“It’s a fantastic theme for WordPress and one we highly recommend here at Opace. In fact, to call it a theme seems like an under-statement as it's more of a framework or core utility. If you want to create a powerful bespoke WordPress website, without needing to touch a line of code, for the first time ever I can wholeheartedly say this is possible using WordPress and Divi” continues David.

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