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Technology is transforming our lives in every way, from how we order a meal to how we check our bank balance after we’ve paid for it. Is this an evolution, or a revolution that will sweep away traditional purchasing methods? A study by Ipsos shows a rapid growth in the number of consumers using online methods for their shopping and finance needs. Here, Pantheon UK review this study and consider what it means for traditional marketing techniques.

“The world of commerce has changed for ever, and businesses need to recognise the new methodologies used by their consumers”, said Boyd Parker, manager of Pantheon UK. “Allying traditional face to face methods of marketing alongside the new platforms and channels, can create the perfect way to ensure your campaigns remain relevant and helpful to today’s consumer.”

The study shows that 59% of global internet users bank online, 48% shop online, and 41% look for jobs online. With new technology sales increasing among the growing middle classes in developing countries, these figures will surely increase year on year. The demographic figures are striking. Online shoppers are likely to come from high income households (56%) and are likely to be highly educated (55%). This makes them the target consumer for many campaigns.
The United Kingdom leads the way when it comes to online shopping. 74% of people with access to the internet say that they use it to make online purchases. Only Germany has an equally high percentage of internet shoppers. Whilst 48% of people globally say that they have made online purchases within the last three months, 61% say that they have carried out pre-purchase research online.

“It’s important to remember that while online sales are growing, consumers are still looking for other reassurances about products before they commit to buying”, said Boyd Parker. “Online reviews aren’t always trusted, but consumers react much more positively to personal interacts and recommendations. It’s for this reason that traditional methods of direct marketing are more relevant than ever, as it can make consumers decide to click their button and confirm the purchase.”

Mobile technology is becoming ever more sophisticated, meaning that it’s now possible for consumers to bank and purchase via their smartphone. These new purchasing methods, because they are so convenient and easy to use, may lead to an increase in the amount of purchases being made in total. Pantheon UK are proud to help businesses get their brands noticed, and increase the likelihood of them being chosen by online shoppers.

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