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On 14th May 2014, Carlton Roach, Managing Director of Paragon Acquisitions, travelled to London to attend a networking event with one of America’s most influential and dominant entrepreneurs in the field of direct marketing. Direct marketing refers to the marketing of a product or service direct to the consumer or business that will use it. The main advantage of direct marketing is that the marketing message can be targeted to those most likely to be interested in or to purchase the product or service being sold.

The event was held in the conference room of the luxury Hilton Tower Bridge Hotel. With more than 540 locations in 78 countries, Hilton Hotels and Resorts provide an authentic and contemporary experience for guests worldwide. The Hilton Tower Bridge offers businesses the choice of three meeting packages specifically developed for meetings of up to 25 people.

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Networking is an important part of business success for Paragon Acquisitions Ltd. Active networking and participation in network partnerships can help business professionals meet other people and build mutually beneficial business relationships.  For startups and small businesses, networking can provide a lifeline of support and business generation through a number of benefits.  Managing Director of Paragon Acquisitions Ltd, Carlton Roach outlines the main benefits as:

  • Benchmarking – Paragon Acquisitions Ltd can use competitors and similar-sized businesses as a point of reference for success
  • Comparing and discussing – at Paragon Acquisitions Ltd, the firm use networking opportunities to raise issues of common interest e.g. customer service and client strategies
  • Developing – networking allows for a great opportunity to develop ideas, cultivate true innovation and a growth mind-set
  • Raising a business profile – Paragon Acquisitions Ltd ensure they become an established and regular networking member, which raises the company profile
  • Expanding markets – networking events generates more business contacts such as customers, suppliers and partners
  • Overseas partnerships – for ambitious firms such as Paragon Acquisitions Ltd, international exhibitions and conferences allows for the establishment of overseas partnerships
Paragon Acquisitions Ltd is a privately owned marketing firm based in Southampton, Hampshire.  The company was founded by Managing Director, Carlton Roach in response to a demand by local area consumers and businesses for a more effective, personal and results-driven approach to sales and marketing.  Paragon Acquisitions Ltd directly correlates their success to the growth of their clients and their talented marketing force. Paragon Acquisitions Ltd approach business partnerships with the foresight and motivation to deliver.    
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