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Paragon Event Marketing based in Manchester were keen to expose their commitment to providing a mental health-friendly workplace in a bid to encourage other small businesses to consider their processes and offer further support to their workers. Mental health has seen a dramatic increase in media exposure over the past few years, and research has concluded that access to work is a vital step in recovery for anyone suffering a mental illness, or a period of poor mental health. Access to work, benefits everyone differently, but the key benefits include a sense of purpose, stability and helps set out healthy habits when creating personal identity.

Paragon Event Marketing:

Paragon Event Marketing is conscious of the impacts a hectic work schedule can have on an individual experiencing challenges with their mental health; some may even describe as damaging. The developing firm is confident their research into desired workforce benefits has allowed them to form processes to shape part of their mental health care policy.

Paragon Event Marketing share their policies and why they have committed to ensuring they have adequate options available in their office.

Special leave allowance – Developing workers often are reporting they are utilising sick days when they are suffering from intense periods of stress, burn out, or further implications of mental illness or poor mental health. Paragon Event Marketing want their workforce to feel their mental health is valued, and they will have access to no questions asked special leave to catch up on personal issues such as essential appointments or resolving private matters.

A company mental health toolkit – Paragon Event Marketing is in the development stage of compiling their resources for everyone involved with the firm to cope and resolve mental health issues. Paragon Event Marketing’s toolkit will include;

  • Access to support, for example, helpful contact details for mental health organisations, including the Samaritans.
  • Access to online advice, on coping strategies and tips for improving mental health.
  • Access to a designated reporting space. Designed for disclosure of struggles so that adjustments can be made to support recovery.

“Workplaces can adapt easily to support people in their business who are struggling to achieve good mental health. Here at Paragon Event Marketing, we want to ensure our team feel confident sharing their problems. We can extend our hand and support their recovery. Hopefully, more businesses can follow the lead in providing adequate resources for their staff and improving their company’s overall mental health.” Said Carton Roach, managing director in a recent interview.

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