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Last weekend, entrepreneur Carlton Roach and managing director at Paragon Event Marketing was one of six industry specialists chosen to share their knowledge and experience with fellow business owners and mentors in London.

Saturday 25th January saw managing director of Paragon Event Marketing, Carlton Roach join a one-day business event at the Kimpton Fitzroy Hotel in London. Designed for UK business owners, organisers set up the event as an opportunity to attend workshop-based talks to inspire success in 2020.

Organisers chose The Kimpton Fitzroy Hotel in London as a hosting venue due to its central location and ease of access from central transportation links. The hotel is nearby to some of London’s most famous landmarks, including Mayfair, Covent Garden and Buckingham Palace. The hotel boasts multiple conference rooms ideal for intimate events such as this business owner’s summit.

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The inspiring entrepreneur and business owner, Mr Roach, spoke about how to maximise growth in 2020 and the importance of time management. The one-hour information-packed workshop outlined the benefits of understanding and implementing Covey’s Time Matrix. Breaking each day down into four quadrants, everyone learnt how to differentiate between urgency and importance and become more effective in their business. The whole matrix is a representation of the time you have, so the idea is not to increase the size but instead prioritise time spent in each of the four quadrants. Covey states that most of the time should be spent in quadrant two.

Quadrant 1: important and urgent (do it now)

Often labelled as crisis tasks. These tasks require immediate attention and are incredibly time sensitive. They are tasks that cannot be planned for.

Quadrant 2: important and not urgent (do later)

For complete balance, everyone should spend most of their time in this quadrant. Effective business leaders should prioritise working on important tasks before they become urgent.

Savvy business owners will work tirelessly to achieve this, and there will be times were tasks would need delegating to maximise effectiveness.

Quadrant 3: not important and urgent (delegate)

Quadrant three involves handling other people’s duties. Acting as a drain on resources, ‘staff imposed’ time relates to problems or issues which are often someone else’s responsibility. Business leaders can implement standard processes to support struggling staff; and to encourage self-sufficiency in the workplace resulting in a problem-solving culture.

Quadrant 4: not important and not urgent (don’t do/avoid)

This quadrant offers the least value to effectiveness in the workplace. By attending an unnecessary meeting or taking phone calls with a lack of purpose, time is lost. Spending time in the quadrant can massively reduce the profitability and effectiveness of a business leader and tasks which fall into this area should be delegated to others.

Attendees were encouraged to review their diary from last week against Covey’s theory, and with brutal honesty, see where tasks related to each quadrant. Then plan for next week, making improvements to encourage activity to lie primarily in quadrant two. They were reminded that above all else, it’s important to spend time learning from mentors and peers for growth and humility. For example, to accomplish and manage effective time management, individuals need mentors to learn from, and guide them in the right path, followed by a solid blueprint to follow on from this. And it’s the same for many other learning points in the industry.

In the wise words of Albert Einstein, “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

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