Passionate About Fitness
Lorna Balfour of Passionate about Fitness is a London personal trainer who has just launched some new innovative fitness programmes which seek to address all your fitness needs in one bundle. Most of these programmes are targeted towards women, as most of Lorna’s clients are women. This feels really natural to Lorna as she feels that women train better with a female personal trainer.

Lorna understands what it is like to be overweight and sluggish. She was brought up on a terrible diet and was overweight as a child. She transformed her fitness and health, and seeks to help you achieve the same. If she can do it, so can you.

Lorna is a personal trainer with over ten years of experience. Over the years Lorna realised that most of her clients needed more support than fitness training to reach their goals. She has created programmes which provide everything you need to confidently achieve the body and health you aspire to. Most of these programmes are a one-off, and are designed to get you to where you want to be as quickly and simply as possible. For example, one programme is designed to promote fertility naturally by offering weekly fitness sessions, acupuncture, and nutrition coaching.

Lorna trains her clients at a private gym in East London. The gym is in Shoreditch, easy to travel to from central London. The gym only serves personal trainers and their clients. This set-up means the gym can have more specialised equipment you don’t see in regular gyms. The benefit for her clients is more variety of exercises, which creates more exciting workouts.

"Passionate about Fitness did more than just help me shape up a little, it introduced me to a new and improved lifestyle which has brought radical changes. The personal level of service is complimented by expert knowledge and a great deal of client-care.To say I couldn't have wished for better would be an understatement. Lorna is an expert trainer and shattered the preconception I had that all personal trainers were ex-army, money-grabbing sadistic bullies. Highly recommended."

If you are serious about getting your body into the best possible shape, why not book in a meeting with Lorna? Lorna offers all new clients their first session completely free of charge, so you have nothing to lose, well nothing except your bingo wings. Contact Lorna at  to book your free session today.


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