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This year, as in years past, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will be holding an enormous New Year's Celebration, located Orlando Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa. The stadium itself can contain up 36,000 attendees, but the ceremony will be broadcast to tens of millions of worshippers, via live television, radio, and the Internet.

The event itself will feature worship, dancing, singing, speeches, and many other forms of entertainment. Pastor Chris and Christ Embassy hold this event every year, and does his best to outdo himself each time. The service itself will run from 6PM in the evening and continue until dawn; it is a religious event intended to celebrate the past year and prepare Christians for the year to come.

The event will also include the Future African Leaders Award (FALA), an event created by Pastor Chris and Christ Embassy, which celebrates and sponsors the future leaders of the continent of Africa. FALA seeks to honor and award the great youthful achievers of Africa, and to help them on their way through life by providing scholarships and grants – in order to help them become the true leaders of tomorrow.
Past winners of FALA scholarships have accomplished such deeds as providing housing for homeless children, donating textbooks to rural schools, providing free healthcare, donating food and clothing, providing career mentoring, and speaking in front of the United Nations (an act which resulted in the U.N. donating a vast quantity of food to the impoverished citizens of this continent).

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, PhD., is widely known throughout Africa – and indeed, the entire world – for his philanthropic works, which include aiding the poor, the sick, and the dispossessed, both materially and spiritually. Over a ministry career spanning more than 30 years, he has raised men and women from poverty, healed the sick, and provided a message of hope which has been broadcast to every nation in the world.

Pastor Chris’s Inner City Mission Project declares that “every child is your child”; this project saves and assists orphaned and indigent children in inner cities across the globe. He has distributed over half a billion copies of his devotional book “Rhapsody of Realities,” which has been translated into over seven hundred languages. Pastor Chris also created LoveWorldTV, the world’s first 24-hour Christian satellite television network, broadcast non-stop from Africa to the rest of the world.

Attendance at Chris Oyakhilome’s New Year’s Eve ceremony is free; to attend, register at the December 31st Service website —attendees can then pick up your free ticket from one of many designated locations. Ample parking is provided at the stadium; in addition, free transportation to the event will be provided from many locations in Johannesburg.

Should you require more information about registration, call 011 781 8341/2/3/4.

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