UK based company Penpee LTD are proud to announce the launch of its brand new innovative social website PageLook. The unique network - which has been under development for over a year - is going live in beta and can be access at

Tijan Penpee acquired in the second quarter of 2010 and has been undergoing re-development for the past 15 months since the acquisition, welcoming over 100,000 new members in the process. We have rebranded the name as Penpee said he believes there is room for a new dynamic social networking site in the world, but it takes  passion, flair, a good team of engineers  and a  great deal of will power to make it happen.

While there are not many social networking sites in the world and Facebook has done a good job in setting the standard. This makes the industry more challenging for anyone to come in and be successful but Penpee is determined to make PageLook a success. Exciting new features will soon be revealed and PageLook has many fresh innovations constantly sprouting from its free-thinking founder and staff.

The concept of PageLook will also focuses largely on the innovative new idea of 'Social Recommendations', a feature which according to Penpee will be unveiled in the coming weeks 

It has been very challenging, all the way from dreaming and conceiving an idea to developing it. PageLook is looking for an investor partner, gaming partners and consumer focused advertisers and any interested parties are encouraged to send an enquiry to
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