PerDM is a leading field marketing agency in the UK and Irish markets. Their USP is using personalised marketing and sales strategies to obtain quality customer leads. The firm have reported significant growth in 2012 and believe face-to-face sales strategies lead to a higher rate of conversion.

A survey conducted by Avidan Strategies, asked consultants for their opinions on what it takes to win new business pitches. 96 percent of the sample, pointed to "chemistry" as the key factor for winning. When asked to define "chemistry", 61 percent of those say that winning agencies have a "confident, articulate [agency] team", while 39 percent believe that "demonstrating passion for the client’s business" helps winning.

‘Winning new clients, closing sales or building a business network comes down to relationships. Meeting a potential customer or client face-to-face is more personal therefore leads to a higher conversion rate. Avidan Strategies study is very interesting and adds a lot of credibility to our business strategy’ says Ian Attwood, Director at PerDM.

PerDM has consistently reported growth since change of ownership in 2007. The field marketing firm are finalising business strategies for 2013 as the pressure to grow by winning new business will intensify for many within the outsourcing industry. ‘We are feeling very confident as the new year approaches. The last 12 months have been very exciting and challenging for the entire PerDM Group. Our plans for next year include realignment of our support operations and the ongoing strengthening of our portfolio, specifically targeting higher growth markets. We want our movements to reflect the wants and needs of an improving economic condition and forecast growth to exceed that of 2012’ adds Ian Attwood of PerDM.

Using direct forms of sales and marketing such as field marketing is becoming increasingly popular. The success PerDM have demonstrated to date will no doubt encourage more businesses to outsource similar services and see the rise of more field sales and marketing agencies in the coming years. High customer acquisition and retention rates through face-to-face field marketing will be tough for traditional forms of marketing and new social strategies to compete with.
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