Chelmsford, England. – 3Bods Ltd make Placebo medicines available to the general public for the first time ever. Never before has the ordinary person been able to go and get Placebos for themselves or their family. Although used in virtually every drug trial this is the first time that these powerful agents have been available on demand.

Through the website it is now possible for anyone to purchase Placebo. Prices range from as little as £5.00 for the revolutionary SMS (Text) Placebo upwards. Placebos are available in various formats including solutions, sprays and homeopathic solutions as well as the Placebo to your phone.

As well as having Placebo for sale the website is a mine of information about what Placebos are and how they affect people. There are links to external sites including the NHS, The American Psychological Association and The National Institutes of Health which give full and unbiased information on Placebos and the Placebo effect.  There are also two videos available which explain in simple terms what a Placebo is and the effects they can have.

The Placebo effect is Real and is well documented. Very recently it was reported that at least half of the effectiveness of sleeping pills was due to the Placebo effect (Harvard Medical School and others). Placebos are safe, simple to take and effective. Placebos even work when you know you are taking a Placebo!

About 3Bods – 3Bods is a small firm run by 3 individuals. is the first commercial website that the firm has created since it was started last year. Its members have all worked in the IT business whilst one of them was working in the NHS for 11 years ending up as a director of Child Health in a large community NHS trust.

Further information – Either via the website or contact 3Bods directly at – the first website in the world where you can buy Placebos.

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