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The Roolo®: redefining pet enrichment

The Roolo® is transforming the landscape of pet enrichment by offering unparalleled mental and physical stimulation for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Unlike traditional toys, the Roolo® is designed to engage dogs' natural instincts through a multifaceted approach that promotes scent work, problem-solving, slow feeding, and active play. Its scientifically designed shape allows for erratic movement, ensuring continuous fun, exercise, and enrichment.

What sets the Roolo® apart is its ability to meet the diverse needs of dogs and their owners. It’s more than just a toy; it’s a versatile enrichment tool that can make a significant difference in the lives of dogs, especially those with health issues or in old age. The National Institute of Animal Health reports that enriched environments can increase a pet’s cognitive function by 30%, helping to prevent age-related cognitive decline. The Roolo® provides essential stimulation when physical activity like walks aren’t possible due to illness, injury, or extreme weather. 

Join the enrichment revolution

The "enrichment revolution" is redefining the way we care for our dogs, prioritising mental and physical stimulation as essential components of their well-being. This movement recognises that dogs need more than just physical exercise; they thrive on activities that engage their minds and instincts. Research from the University of Pennsylvania indicates that dogs who engage in regular enrichment activities exhibit a 40 per cent reduction in anxiety-related behaviours.

By incorporating innovative tools like the Roolo®, the enrichment revolution is enhancing the lives of dogs everywhere, offering solutions that cater to their natural behaviours, promote cognitive health, and provide meaningful engagement even when traditional exercise is not feasible. This revolution is setting new standards in pet care, ensuring that every dog leads a fulfilled and enriched life.

Pets Corner partnership

Pets Corner, a renowned family-run pet retailer with a legacy of excellence since 1968, shares Play9's commitment to quality and animal welfare. This partnership is a testament to both companies’ dedication to providing superior pet products. With an extensive network of more than 150 stores, Pets Corner is the perfect platform to introduce the Roolo® to pet parents across the UK. Dean Richmond, CEO of Pets Corner, said: "It’s unusual to see genuine innovation in dog toys these days but The Roolo® certainly has it. Our staff and customers think it is excellent."

"We’re beyond excited to see the Roolo® in Pets Corner stores nationwide," said Lee Bridges, co-founder of Play9. "This partnership marks a significant milestone for us, and being named Product of the Month is the cherry on top. We’re so glad that Pets Corner customers are loving the Roolo® as much as we do."

Known for its exceptional training programs and commitment to non-toxic, premium products, Pets Corner ensures that the Roolo® will reach pet parents who demand the best for their dogs.

About Play9

Play9 is dedicated to enriching the lives of dogs and their pet parents. Founded by a passionate team of pet lovers and canine professionals, Play9 is committed to promoting animal welfare through thoughtful design and exceptional quality.

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