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In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), more and more governments are imposing self-quarantine, and strict preventive measures in the hope of reducing or stopping the virus from spreading.

During this time of crisis, going out on the high-street for shopping can be very risky and dangerous for your health. Perhaps you are planning to buy gifts for your dad’s birthday, or you just simply want to give him an appreciation gift for being the best dad. However, shopping or buying gifts for your loved ones can be extremely challenging in crisis like this.

But the good news is, there are a lot of innovative and new ways to purchase gifts for him at the comfort of your home, and without risking your health in shopping.

Subscription gift ideas

Subscriptions are indeed popular for a good reason. Especially so in a crisis like this where we are forced to comply with the strict self-quarantine measures, these variety of monthly subscriptions would ease you and your dad’s quarantine blues.

  1. Order pre-made subscription meal kits
  2. Buy him an Audiobook subscription
  3. Sign him up for a Netflix subscription
  4. Join a Cheese of the Month Club subscription
  5. Journal together with a Papergang subscription
  6. Enjoy a glass of wine with Wine Club subscription
  7. Get him a personal stylist through a Men Clothing subscription
  8. Subscribe to Bokksu for a month of Japanese treats and teas
  9. Have a cup of tea through a monthly Tea subscription
  10. Give him perfume options with a monthly Perfume subscription 

Eco-friendly gift ideas 

There are a myriad of eco-friendly gifts available online. You can buy gifts that could make your dad happy, whilst helping the environment. So, it would be like hitting two birds in one stone. Listed below are a couple of environmentally friendly gifts that you can buy for him.

  1. Buy a plant that you can grow together
  2. Buy an on-the-go coffee cup
  3. Buy an on-the-go wine bottle
  4. Buy a metal straw and culinary set
  5. Buy a metal razor 

Gadget gift ideas

We’re living in a fast-paced and technologically dependent generation where almost every activity involves the use of technology. Here are some of the most useful gadget gifts for him.

  1. Buy him a smart water bottle that will remind him to stay hydrated
  2. Buy him a gadget lighter gift that can be recharged
  3. Buy him a hand warmer for a thoughtful gift
  4. Buy him a multi-tool pen to keep him ready for any emergency
  5. Buy him a solar cellphone charger
  6. Buy him an Xbox for entertainment during this quarantine season
  7. Buy him a new set of headphones
  8. Buy him a vector robot that would help him in the house
  9. Buy him a gift smart watch for convenience
  10. Buy him a smartphone photography kit for your next vacation after this quarantine 

Health and wellness gift ideas 

It is especially important in this crisis that we should take good care of our health and make sure that we do not get into a depressive state. These gifts would be greatly helpful for the wellness of your dad.

  1. Buy him a massage chair or massage tool
  2. Buy him a gym essential kit for his exercise sessions
  3. Buy him a bath bomb set especially made for men
  4. Buy him a set of comfortable neck pillow
  5. Buy him a luxury bathrobe for that fancy feeling 

Customised gift ideas 

Remember those days where you would give your dad your scribbles with the phrases "I love you" back when you were young? Those touching memories will come back through giving him personalised gifts, because we all know that nothing is more touching than a personalised gift given to you by your children.

  1. Give him a photo gift that he can place on his desk
  2. Give him a customised coffee mug
  3. Give him a custom-designed pillow having a favorite photo of him printed on it
  4. Give him a personalised wallet with your photo in it
  5. Give him a customised shirt or sweater with a photo or text in it
  6. Give him a necklace with a family photo in it 

In conclusion 

Finding the perfect gift for dads can be extremely tough especially during this self-isolation period. However, there are a myriad of gifts that you can give to your dad, even without having to leave the house. 

There are subscription gifts, eco-friendly gifts, gadget gifts, customized gifts, wellness gifts, etc. the list can go on an on. Just because we’re bound to comply with the strict quarantine protocols, it doesn’t mean that we can’t make our dads feel special.

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