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A Populus survey commissioned by metal detecting website has revealed a surprising amount of interest in the hobby of metal detecting.

The majority (54%) of respondents aged between 45-54 would consider trying metal detecting as a hobby.

Given that detectorists are known to favour searching on beaches and in ploughed fields, it is perhaps unsurprising that the least likely place to find someone who would definitely consider trying metal detecting as a hobby is London (8%).

The survey respondents most likely to try metal detecting as a hobby lived in Scotland (19%) or Wales (20%).

Of the respondents with children aged under 18, a massive 66% of females thought their children would enjoy trying metal detecting.

Douglas Wilson, who manages the website, said

"We already knew that metal detecting is gaining in popularity, but the results have surprised even us. It is good to know that lots of parents think their children would enjoy the hobby. The TV series 'Detectorists' starring Mackenzie Crook definitely helped to gain some interest, and the news regularly features details of valuable finds."

An executive summary of the metal detecting survey results can be found on the website.

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