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Last week, the agency shared their research into how to engage workers and aid their development to maintain a happy and positive workplace.

Based in London, Precision Acquisitions Direct is a marketing firm that delivers personalised event marketing campaigns for their clients. Through face-to-face pop-up campaigns, the company can directly engage with consumers and gain a comprehensive understanding of their unique requirements. Precision Acquisitions Direct then use this consumer insight to help their clients establish their goals and maximise their sales and marketing reach.

About Precision Acquisitions Direct:

To generate the best results for their clients, the firm feels that it’s necessary for their workforce of young professionals to be at the top of their game. Precision Acquisitions Direct believes that this can only happen if workers are motivated and fully engaged with the work they are doing day to day and a positive working environment is an essential aspect to maximising productivity.

According to research conducted by Red Letter Days, employees who were highly engaged felt that their workplace offered them ample opportunities to learn and grow and that their job was important to the company. Other highly engaged workers also reported that they believed that their opinions were considered and valued at work. However, only 10 percent of disengaged employees felt that their workplace offered them sufficient opportunities to learn and grow.

Precision Acquisitions Direct were astounded by the results of this research and has since implemented various strategies based on these findings to ensure that their firm is providing a nurturing and positive working environment.

The company offers regular mentoring and support where their workers can access feedback on their progress and encouragement to help them reach the next level of their development.

Precision Acquisitions Direct believe in operating an open door policy and creating a nurturing environment where everyone can integrate and share their ideas. They offer everyone an equal opportunity to develop their skills and become an asset to the company, and they are passionate about creating a positive environment where each individual is given the platform to thrive.

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