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Platform supplier Anaplan has developed some up to date research to identify gaps in customer service in the hope that businesses can improve and bridge the gap between consumer expectation versus actual delivery. Travel companies are the worst performing regarding consumer satisfaction, a mere 26% of customers are happy with service received. Top performers including banks, recorded 56% of clients pleased with service received. Sales and marketing specialist Precision Acquisitions Direct feel that standards are still too low with just over half reporting positive experiences.

Outsourcing specialists understand the positive implications of delivering a memorable customer experience. Forging a lasting impression is crucial for determining the longevity of the client relationship. A positive brand image boosts business capabilities and increases profit margins, as customers reported increased spending with firms that reported higher customer experience levels.

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The researchers were supporting the importance of technology in a brand's ability to develop a better customer experience, and this is something the firm strongly disagrees with. As direct marketing specialists, the firm can offer a highly personalised approach to advertising and customer service. Providing a 4D experience the innovative campaigns can boost brand awareness and develop a memorable experience for customers and a fantastic opportunity for live market research to be gathered for the client.

Precision Acquisitions Direct focus solely on delivering personalised event marketing campaigns directly to their consumers and through this, they generate a high return on investment for their clients. Based in London, the firm works closely with your customers to deliver a personalised event marketing campaign; the personalised nature of the business model used by Precision Acquisitions Direct improves the customer experience and as a result, increases brand loyalty for their client's brand.

The firm will continue to grow as more and more brands are outsourcing their direct marketing strategies. With a guaranteed ROI, there are no drawbacks for brands big and small as they pay solely for the results they achieve. Working seamlessly with existing campaigns, it offers an additional tool for businesses looking to boost customer experience and gauge brand image in targeted locations.

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