If the bulk solids & handling industry has a manta, it would be “complete accuracy” – this is particularly relevant for equipment such as Augers. These tools are increasingly expected to perform with efficiency. Over the past 20 years, Lancashire-based Trantec Solids Handling have designed and manufactured an extensive range of bespoke Augers which predominantly handle bulk solids, fine powders, granules, flakes and pellets with consistency and precision. Over the years, Trantec has worked hard to develop modern methods of Auger Screw Production, by embracing Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) as a means of manufacture.

Auger screws are increasingly expected to operate continually whilst receiving minimal maintenance. It is quite common for Augers to be subjected to adverse conditions, which ultimately cause them to need to replaced. Often, the replacement part must come from the original equipment manufacturer, who charges a premium fee for such a bespoke component. Trantec now offer its own bespoke Auger manufacturing service and specialise in supplying replacement parts for existing auger-screw based machinery such as bulk solids filing or dosing equipment.

Food and pharmaceutical machinery have their own requirement for a hygienic design. For this reason, the Auger screws need to be durable and have a long productive life. It was normal for Trantec to use Augers manufactured by others. Despite their functionality, something was missing. The key ingredients boiled down to consistency and durability. As a result, over the years with the development of Trantec’s M-series metering screw feeders (which incorporated many quick-release and easy-clean features), the demand for high quality Augers was even higher. As a result, the decision was made to develop Trantec’s own Auger manufacture. 

Since accuracy and precision dosing are important in the production and manufacturing process, Trantec have focused their Auger production at the “Elite” end of the market. The result always needs to be 100% right, which is why having quality tools to hand is so important.

This is something Trantec knows a lot about. Trantec’s investment in these “quality tools” such as computer-controlled machine, combined with modern design & manufacturing software has enabled Trantec to have unique knowledge of Auger production methods. On top of that, this has also put them at the forefront of world-wide Auger manufacturer.

Many of our clients require solutions that require high quality products. Trantec’s policy of continuous development pushes the boundaries of current engineering manufacture and produces Augers of better quality and finishing than ever before. Trantec’s advanced manufacturing techniques save costs and provide a quality product to the customer at a competitive price at a fraction of the OEM price. On top of that, Trantec can deliver a fast 24-hour turnaround for Augers. This means consistency, speed and customer satisfaction is at the forefront.

Several years ago, Trantec bought their Auger manufacturing capabilities to the marketplace and now manufacture for leading players in the chemical, food & pharmaceutical industry. As their firm commitment to the market and contribution Trantec continue to develop new Auger making facilities and methods. They have been successfully experimenting with multi start Augers at low feed rates. Moreover, Trantec is also the first company to use triple start Augers which gives them a unique foothold in the Auger manufacturing market.

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