Military & Outdoor has seen a huge upsurge in demand for survival and protective gear in recent months. It has reached the point where it is no longer just military enthusiasts making purchases but also the average family buying in bulk for future safety and security.

Online retailer Military Outdoor have been finding it challenging to keep up with demand for prepping and general survival and protective gear. With many of their suppliers even running out of stock before Christmas. This can be attributed to an upsurge in prepping culture in the UK and increasing fears of a pandemic at the hands of Ebola and the threat of Islamic extremist groups such as IS and Al-Qaeda, who have spread a new wave of fear across the nation.

Military & Outdoor Founder, Justin Jones, said “Prepping and survivalism has been a major subculture in the US for many years now. However, it is just starting to build momentum in the UK, as more and more everyday people are beginning to prepare for the worst. In order to deal with the increasing demand, we have expanded our ranges of, Ebola protection and Prepping gear. Many of these items are not just useful for prepping, but are also useful for other outdoor pursuits such as camping and bush craft. I like to think we have something that could be useful in any potentially life threatening situation. The new Ebola Protection range for instance includes, an individual Ebola protection kit, emergency rations, masks and overalls.”

Military & Outdoor also offers many other ranges of products. Including, Crossbows, bags, airsoft gear, combat clothing, footwear, night vision, thermal imaging, martial arts kit and knives and tools. This range appeals to a wide range of potential customers, from professional military contractors, to every day working men and women, who either want to prepare for a major incident or simply enjoy taking part in outdoor hobbies.

If you are worried that you may have been infected with Ebola, and have travelled to West Africa in the last 21 days the NHS advises that you stay at home and dial 999 immediately.


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