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As such, the company runs weekly motivational meetings aimed at exciting the young professionals at the firm. Prime Triangle has recently been running seminars focused on the importance of networking, not only with those from other industries but also those within an individuals own circle.  

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Prime Triangle has seen the importance of networking with other professionals within the sales and marketing sector, with a broad spectrum of experience. Managing director, Jiri Holous has discussed the subject, stating, "The importance of sharing knowledge is the basis for learning.” an ethos that is evident within each and every day at Prime Triangle. The firm is advising their contractors that the most effective form of learning is through hands-on experience and discussions with other entrepreneurs.  

The company details the importance of networking events that cover a range of industries, yet those within an individual's sector cannot be underestimated. As such, Prime Triangle has detailed certain aspects that can benefit an individual from regularly attend networking events and developing their communication skills.  

It is no secret that networking comes with a particular element of giving and taking, particularly within the sales and marketing sector. Prime Triangle are encouraging their contractors to use networking within the industry as a way of attaining mentors, advising that this should be evaluated as the professional grows and develops in their own journey.   

Don’t forget the importance of social networking states Prime Triangle. The ability to locate networking events, and follow up initial meetings should be utilised via social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Platforms such as this can also be used to share knowledge and the exposition to relevant articles from professional contacts that are directly applicable to related industries. Following through with meetings on social media provides the opportunity to ask retrospective questions and partake in virtual discussions.  

Prime Triangle are eager for their contractors to become the best version of themselves professionally, as such the company have a strong focus on their business development programme. The firm understands the importance of providing their contractors with the skills and qualities they need to succeed in such a competitive industry as the sales and marketing sector.  



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