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Prime Triangle is Newcastle’s dynamic direct sales and marketing firm. They are excited about the course of 2018, with a variety of exciting events, seminars and a company expansion planned in the coming months.

The firm is planning an expansion in the coming months to coincide with a new client. As such, the firm is laying the foundations now to recruit a group of dedicated and dynamic contractors that will help to shape the success of the new office. As a business with an active business development programme in place, the firm is eager to attract individuals with an intense desire for self-development and an eagerness to learn from industry experts. In return, the company will be able to enrol them in their business development programs with opportunities to network, attend industry seminars and receive valuable industry knowledge.

About the firm -

In preparation for their new venture, Prime Triangle were sure to lay the foundations at the end of 2017, ensuring they would be in a strong position during the first few months of the New Year. The firm has kicked off 2018 with plans to accelerate their business throughout the year with a strong focus on recruitment of the right individuals for the opportunities they can present.

As part of their preparation the firm has focused on the following aspects when planning and implementing their company expansion, they are hopeful other companies will consider the below points when expanding across cities:

Developing the right culture: The right company culture is essential to a businesses success, Prime Triangle are eager to maintain their hardworking, fun-loving company culture they have solidified at their Newcastle branch. The development of such a culture has positive effects on contractors, prospective clients and working environments, helping to drive professional success.

Versatile Contractors: Prime Triangle are eager for individuals that show a strong desire to get involved in a number of aspects within the business, the ability to learn a variety of skills and apply them to their professional lives, this will have a directly positive effect on growth for both the company and the individual states Prime Triangle.

If you would like to become part of the Prime Triangle family, visit their website or contact them via their email, The company are strong advocates of development and are hopeful they can contribute to future business owners and industry experts.


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