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Since its inception, Prime Triangle has pushed its workforce to constantly take in new knowledge as to how they can be the best possible sales representative. Prime Triangle understand, however, that some people naturally cannot take in as much as others and this week is giving its workforce a break down of the top 3 ways in which they can learn faster.

About Prime Triangle:

1)   Speed read

The average reader reads approximately 200 to 400 words a minute. The expert, on the other hand, reads up to 1,700. Prime Triangle has always advocated reading as one of the perfect ways to broaden someone's knowledge base and is asking each of its contractors to practice speed reading, (i.e. reading groups of words, minimising subvocalization and skimming) to improve their intake of knowledge. It is also offering contractors a reading list to practice these new techniques.

2)   Understand your learning modality

Everyone learns in different ways. For Prime Triangle, it is imploring its workforce to understand the best way to learn. Whether that is reading, listening or watching the firm is confident that once someone understands how they learn best, they will begin to take in more information.

3)   Exercise your brain

The company also implores contractors to take up new mental challenges to keep their mind in practice. Much like the muscles of a sportsman/woman, the brain needs to be continuously challenged to see progress. The firm is asking contractors to train their brains through stimulating activities like chess, keeping their minds prepared and ready to take on board new knowledge.

Prime Triangle is sure that these tips on learning faster will allow its workforce to improve their knowledge retention rates. Equipped with these tips, the firm is keen to see improvement in its workforce and hope that they will begin to think more dynamically about how they can improve themselves and their targets.


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