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Private tutors across the UK are charging on average between £29 and £41 per hour, according to data released by

The summary of private tutoring rates shows only a modest increase in fees charged by private tutors in 2016 compared to 2015.

In general, a more advanced level of study incurs a higher fee. For academic tuition up to the age of 14, rates are around £30 per hour, for GCSE the cost is around £32.50 per hour, and for A-level tutors are charging £36 per hour on average. For university level study, the average rate charged was £41 an hour.

Many factors will influence a tutor's fees. Tutors in central London will often charge much more, as will those with a proven track record. Travel costs must also be taken into account.

Online tuition is also a growth area, and online tutor fees can sometimes, but not always, be lower.

The data also reveals rates charged by musical instrument teachers and language tutors. Music teachers are charging, on average, £32 per hour, and language tutors are charging around £30 per hour.

Private tuition fees data provided by The Tutor Pages reveals the rates charged by independent tutors, without the additional fees charged by tuition agencies.
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