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Ambitious sales and marketing hopefuls will soon be able to apply for apprentice opportunities at Privilege Promotions it was revealed this week. CEO Will Ross has said he will be creating positions for a number of entrepreneurial college age individuals, offering both entry level and administrator roles.

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As the business owner puts the final finishing touches to his plans, he has spoken about how he intends on creating opportunities open to young people hoping to secure a work placement with "It is important for young people to experience real life 9 – 5 work as soon as possible so that they can get a first-hand experience and understanding of it early on," Mr Ross remarked.

With reports of more and more employers expecting young people to be in possession of both a formal education and work experience, the managing director is eager to make this possible, creating apprentice opportunities for young people who want to achieve both simultaneously. He has been urging other business owners to do the same, explaining that helping to provide young people with opportunities to get onto the career ladder gives them a better chance at being considered for future roles in the highly competitive industry.

"It's an excellent way for young people to gain an insight into how working life is, while still at college. This way they can make a more educated decision about whether they want to continue with further education or make the transition into the full-time job market," He explained. "I believe the younger they are when they start in a full-time position, the quicker they can decide what kind of roles are best suited for them. By getting an early start, they can try out several different industries or companies should they wish."

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