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Travel opportunities are priceless to businesses, gathering insights into new markets, networking opportunities and extending market reach. Privilege Promotions report on the advantages of taking a business on the road. Recently the Birmingham-based sales and marketing agency have tested new markets in London, Leeds and Manchester. The firm selected experienced contractors to operate satellite promotions on behalf of their client base. As the company look to develop and grow, it is vital to assess leadership qualities which is made possible on these trips.

About Privilege Promotions:

For the firm to optimise their campaign appeal, they must continue to open new offices in varying locations. By operating temporary offices, Privilege Promotions can conduct market research to determine how suitable their approach is for new clients and industries.

Privilege Promotions is keen to promote the importance of networking in their business model. By enhancing business connections, it allows additional training tools to be available which can increase business opportunities in the long-term. The office has a strong network of sales and marketing businesses across the UK, they often accommodate other companies, sharing their resources and in turn allowing their contractors to learn new event marketing approaches, and how they drive results in different industries.

For growth, businesses need to remain competitive, including prices and performance for clients. Privilege Promotions is confident that despite the competitiveness of the sales and marketing industry that they can add value to their business by supporting competition and creating a community feel between businesses. Advantages include additional training resources and a greater network of up and coming entrepreneurs for their contractors to connect and develop.

Privilege Promotions is a direct sales and marketing firm which provides clients with a vast and diverse customer base while providing a unique and personalised service to each one of those customers, leaving them feeling valued and respected by the brand. Through providing this service, the firm has managed to expand their clientele 15% since they were established in 2014.

The firm will continue their regular business trips, the exposure for their services within new markets has so far generated positive interest in the firms. Their contractors are also confident that they can accelerate their personal development through training in leading small localised teams. The firm also boasts increased productivity for their clients as a result of their satellite office projects.

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