Research from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) reveals digital marketing is rapidly expanding as a primary tool to reach UK consumers. Internet, email and social media marketing budgets have all seen greater investment by UK firms this year. Jobs in digital marketing have also increased.

The IAB found that despite the recession, two thirds of digital marketing budgets had actually increased during 2011. 90% of marketers are now engaged in some form of digital marketing to reinforce and strengthen their brands online. Whilst the media may be full of negative headlines about the economy, companies appear to be looking for growth by increasing their online campaigns.  The latest Bellwether report has found that instead of trimming costs, corresponding budgets are due to rise this year for the first time in four years. UK businesses also seem to be weathering the fluctuations seen in consumer spending during the second quarter of the year. Expanding budgets have been accompanied by the creation of more jobs within the sector. Just under a third of all new jobs are currently within digital marketing, compared to one in six in 2009. Prize management and events management experts NDL Group gave their reaction, citing digital prize promotion campaigns as an ideal platform for growth. 

 “Prize promotions campaigns can be configured to function across the new generation of smart phones and hand held digital devices, plus traditional ‘static’ internet connections.  They allow companies to precisely target any specific demographic, including regional variations in their campaigns. They also demonstrate the brand is at the cutting edge of technology, keeping it in tune with its customer base. The importance of interactive online applications cannot be underestimated in today’s market. It’s reflected in the way that people use social media, and increasingly shop online in real time,”  

Just under 10% of all UK retail sales now take place online according to the Office of National Statistics, representing £539.4 million worth of transactions last month alone. And according to Ofcom, in 2010 the UK had 18 million fixed residential broadband connections. By the first quarter of 2011, 74% of all UK adults had a broadband connection, with 17% comprised of a mobile connection. Just under one third (32%) were using a mobile device to access the internet. Almost half of all UK adults (48%) had a social networking profile. By the same quarter, the UK saw over 33 million mobile subscriptions.

“Digital marketing represents a massive opportunity for growth. Research shows that over three quarters of the UK’s adults are now online almost every single day.  We’re now using the Internet as part of our daily life more than ever before”.

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